A preview of my future students

I’ve finally found the right theme/quotation/etc. to get this blog going.  I hope to use it not just as a travel journal to document in words and pictures my travels throughout Europe.  Equally important, I want to use this as an avenue to share Hungarian culture, and particularly my experiences as a teacher in a Hungarian high school.  In two months and fifteen days, I will be flying from LAX toward my final destination of Kaposvar.  More on my destination later.  For now…

The teacher who I will be replacing just gave me the most amazing gift.  He put together a 16 minute video in which my future students welcome me and ask me some questions.  Seeing this video really makes me hope the summer will fly by. Looks like great kids, a great school, and a great city.  See for yourself.

Welcome to Hungary! from Greg Boone on Vimeo.


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