Kaposvar, Somogy, Hungary

I feel like I’ve got a lot of information to share about the city where I will be living and teaching.  Before we even found out what city we would be in, I did lots of researching areas and cities out of curiosity.  I found that wikipedia was a pretty good source of basic information on our potential locations.  I also did some things that only a math teacher would do, like order the Hungarian cities by population density and cross-reference those measurements with satellite images.  You probably don’t want to hear anymore – ha!

Rather than rephrase a bunch of information tidbits, I will point you to the sources and you can explore on your own:
Wikipedia’s Kaposvar page

Wikimapia’s satellite map of Kaposvar (zooming in to the 2nd-most zoomed in point should show my school, Munkácsy Mihály Gimnázium)

City of Kaposvar website


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