Nem Beszelek Magyarul!

That means “I can’t speak Hungarian,” in Hungarian.

Kellie and I picked up a Hungarian language book with 2 CDs several months ago, but we’ve been studying it way less than planned!  I’ve heard that even after two years in Hungary, it’s common to leave with minimal understanding of the language.  You are probably realizing now that you’ve never seen a Rosetta Stone commercial for Hungarian, and that’s because it’s so uncommon, most speakers live within the country itself.  About 10 million of the 16 million speakers live in Hungary, and it is considered difficult partly because it doesn’t use latin roots — it’s related only to Finnish and Estonian (read wikipedia “hungarian language” for more details).

Here are some words for you to practice:

note: the first syllable is always stressed.  Every sound is phonetic – no crazy irregular sounds like in English.

Hungary – Magyarorszag (mod-yer-or-sag)

Thank you – köszönöm (ku-sue-noom)

Yes, I am American –  Igen, amerikai vagyok  (E-gain, ameri-koi, vah-ghok)   [“ghok” rhymes with “chalk”]

Good morning – Jó reggelt ( yo ray-ghelt)

Cheers/Bless You – Egészségedre  (egg-uh-shuh-ghed-ruh)

That’s some of what we’re in for!  I know I plan on being able to communicate with people in sooner than two years!


One thought on “Nem Beszelek Magyarul!

  1. Ahh, now it makes sense what they were saying on the student video 🙂 I didn’t know Hungary = Magyarorszag.

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