Got 50K American Airlines miles to spare?

So we purchased our one-way tickets a while ago, from LAX to Budapest. Being the amazing travel person I am, I found an awesome flight itinerary for a great price. Of course, we’re in economy. Who can afford international tickets in business or first class, right?

Anyway, I called up AA customer service just to see about upgrades- whether they could possibly be an option. I’d pay several hundred dollars to upgrade, with just a few reasons being that you get 3 checked bags free instead of one (a $210 value) and extra-wide reclining seats.

For a second, I could barely contain myself when he said I could upgrade for $350 or 25,000 American miles. Then I realized he didn’t say OR, he said AND. Darn it, my 75,000 Alaska miles are useless in a time like this. So, then I asked what it would cost if I didn’t have the 25,000 miles to redeem. Any guesses? …… Try $6828.00 per person, one-way, plus the change fee.

To conclude this story, if you or someone you know has 50,000 American AAdvantage miles lying around. I will pay you a reasonable amount of cash to use them for my upgrade. No, I’m not joking! I would owe you big time. Basically, I would become your slave. No, I’m not joking!


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