The Drive to LA – day 1*

Technically, it’s day 2 because we drove from Olympia to Rainier, OR last night.

Today, Kellie and I each left with a car full of possessions. I left about 15 minutes before her, and arrived at the Eugene Costco about 15 minute before her. After a fill-up, we headed to the coast. We went through Cottage Grove and Drain, rather than through Florence or Roseburg, the alternate routes.

Just before reaching the coast, there is an official “elk viewpoint.” When we came this way on our Gold Beach trip a month ago, we had no luck finding any elk. This time, Kellie drove by while I pulled into the viewpoint and I saw:Then we worked our way down the coast.  I have actually spent the entire drive so far (9-10 hours) listening to a book on tape, something I have never done.  I am listening to a historical epic by Ken Follett, entitled Fall of Giants. It’s 30.5 hours of audio, and I’m enjoying it so far, the drive is flying by.

We are in Crescent City, CA tonight.  Tomorrow, we’ll drive through the Redwoods and stay in Fort Bragg, CA. Until then!


3 thoughts on “The Drive to LA – day 1*

  1. Yes – I kept driving past the elk, but that’s because I knew you’d get much better pictures than I would. I was paying attention as I drove by!

  2. Meanwhile, Kellie’s rocking out to some classic vinyl in the other car! I’ve never successfully listened to a book on tape. er… cd. I tried hearing Lord of the Rings on my way to vanguard my last year there and only made it from around Salt Lake City to around 15 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. Not good! Hopefully yours is much more enjoyable. Guess it takes a special person to listen to talking for 30.5 hours of audio, and you are that person. 🙂

    • I am enjoying it so far, but it would only work for my on extended drives, I think. I couldn’t make it a habit of listening to books on tape 10 minutes at a time.

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