Drive to LA – day 5*

Today we stayed over and extra night in Morro Bay, so it was a lookin’ around day.  We slept in, the went down to San Luis Obispo (12 miles away) to spend the day without any real plans. As we got down to SLO, we actually decided to go 20 miles north to Paso Robles to check it out.  We went to the southwest part where several vineyards were located, and after looking down one road, we went a bit further and stopped at Peachy Canyon Winery, whose wine I have had before and enjoyed.  I went inside and tasted several while Kellie relaxed outside.  The property is an old schoolhouse (or is located where there was one), and one of the four or five vineyards is located next to it.

We were allowed to wander through the vineyard and I grabbed a few grapes here and there to taste.

In the tasting room, I loved the 2008 Cabernet Franc which actually had a strong jalapeno essence, as the tasting notes suggested.  But I decided to purchase a bottle of 2009 Zinfandel from the Mustard Creek vineyard, to have in the days we are at my parents’.

Afterward, we went back to downtown SLO to eat and get Jamba Juice.  We drove through Cal Poly-SLO and stopped by the dairy unit.  They were milking the dairy cows but we didn’t stay to watch.  We did go by two grocery stores to look for their chocolate milk, but it must be difficult to find during the summer break, when students aren’t there full time.  We did buy some chipotle jack cheese made at Cal Poly, though, and it is great.

We ate at a small Thai restaurant near the hotel and it was great.   Driving to Agoura tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Drive to LA – day 5*

  1. Bobby, first of all— did you just recently put that green circle around Kaposvar at the top of the page? I remember looking at that map sometime last week & struggling to pinpoint the city. Now it’s so easy to find. I love the formatting you used for this blog, and the green circle is great!
    I think it’s great that you & Kellie are both so detailed in your daily descriptions, and it’s fun to see/hear the different perspectives between the 2 blogs. Clearly, you seemed more excited about the wine aspect of the winery, while Kellie was able to wander the grounds and seek out some photo opportunities! I love the picture of the grapes, by the way.
    I just got off the phone with my mom, and she wanted me to tell you Hi and that they’re thinking of you and praying for you on your journey to Europe.

  2. Bobby, sorry I missed you by a couple of days! I went to a Learning & the Brain conference at UCSB, and then drove north to spend a few days with my brother in Arroyo Grande. His two sons both work for Talley Vineyards, so we got the family treatment there and it would have been fun to have you and Kellie along! We wish you well, and will also keep you in our prayers. Thanks for taking the time to post these travel observations.
    Suzan P.

  3. Thanks for following along everyone! Aubrey, yes I added the green circle on the map. Suzan, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you decided to go to that conference. I haven’t heard of Talley Vineyards, but Paso Robles/central coast is actually my favorite region, probably for reds and whites. We drove by Treana, whose whites I like, but it had a long driveway and some kind of celebration going on, so I didn’t want to pull up and make an awkward scene.

  4. Mr. Kenis, I don’t know if you’re aware, but I will be attending CalPoly this coming year, so should you drop by again I’ll make sure you get some chocolate milk. In exchange for math help, of course.

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