Day 1

I’m not sure it’s day 1, with all the flying, but I can tell you one thing.  I am going to be using my laptop as much as possible.  On Hungarian keyboards, the Y and Z are switched and the apostrophe is shift-1, while @ is ALT-GR-V.  See for yourself: Today, we met up with about 8 other teachers, from throughout the USA, and one from Australia.  We wandered around a few times, from the dorms at Corvinus (university) where we are staying up a hilly trail to the Citadel which overlooks all of Budapest:For lunch, we walked down the road and attempted to order chicken gyros.  They were really good, an about $3. I also had a cup of limoncello/mojito gelato. For dinner, ten of us went to an outdoor cafe which was pretty fancy.  My grilled pork chops with polenta cakes and sauerkraut cost about $9…it would have cost $15-20 at home.

I am in a super-humid computer room, where I will type my posts for the next several days; after that, I will be back on my laptop. Tomorrow we have free time, until the official welcome dinner at 6pm.

Let me know if you have photo requests! Love to everyone.


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Thanks for sharing Bobby, Crazy on the Keyboard! Yikes. Yes, post a photo of your sleeping space. How nice, good food at an affordable price. I bet my typing is tougher for me right now. I have an almost 3 year old batting my left arm off the keyboard every 5 seconds and then laughing at my response to him doing it! Makes it take forever to reply. 😉 Tell Kellie HI! So glad you guys made it safe and sound. Sleep well.

  2. How neat, that building in the foreground has grass on the roof! I know that’s probably a lot more common even over in the Seattle area, but it’s very foreign here in Missoula. Not quite sure why… it’s a very “green” & “granola” town. anyway, enough about me. You’re there!!!!!!!! And it’s super hot!!!!! And already you’re adjusting to new things and experiencing things you’ve never experienced before. Thanks for sharing.

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