Orientation continues…

I have been managing with the hot weather, and our air-conditioned room is definately a refuge for us, but I didn´t feel like writing yesterday.  The highlights included sleeping in ´til noon, walking to,and through the Central Market where we ordered langós, and taking it easy.   By the way, I had the langós áfonyás (cranberry) and Kellie had the barack (peach) one.

For dinner, we went to the Dunacorso restaurant, all 30 of us. We could order whatever we wanted, and it was a nice outdoor patio right along the Duna (Danube) River.

Wednesday: we did not take any pictures today.  We met for a buffet breakfast of bagels, bread, jams and nutella, yogurt, meat and cheese, and some chocolate cereal; everyone had arrived in town by this point. At 10am,we met in the auditorium, basically a lecture hall, where we introduced outselves and showed our placements on a map.  Kellie and I are definitely fairly isolated from the others, not entirely, but we are in a great part of the country. From 11ish to about 3, we met in divided classes. Kellie is in one of the two elementary groups and I am in the high school group. Basically each of us was in a “teaching tips” class geared toward our age group, and we each had a language class.  There was also a good 1.5 hours for lunch mixed in and a concluding session back in the auditorium.  The classrooms were air-conditioned but the auditorium must have been over 100 degrees. We weren’t the only uncomfortable ones in the room.

For dinner, seven of us wandered around and found a small pub to eat at.  The seven of us were (testing myself): Kellie and Bobby (WA), Amy (OH), Kristen (VA), Skye (VT), Jesse and Scarlet (MI).

We just wandered back, it is much cooler outside now, though I think the computer room is 90 degrees.  I will try to have some pictures for you tomorrow…thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Orientation continues…

  1. I know you’ve been teaching for a while in the States, but do you have any nervousness about being in front of a new type of student? What do you think will be your biggest challenge in the school year ahead? Language barrier? Difficult students? I imagine Kellie will have a more trying time of it, simply because she hasn’t spent too much time up in front of an entire class full of kids. I’m anxious to hear about how your (and her) first day of school goes! And that will be… Spetember 1st-ish?

  2. I’m not actually sure when school starts. I am very excited, as long as I am able to have some tentative plans. American teachers usually plan a unit, if not a semester at a time, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that or if it will be more of a day to day thing.

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