Some photos from today

My first Hungarian Wine purchase (cost $ 4.50 US)

Candy Bars I have eaten recently

Kossuth Square – the center of town

About an hour before sunset

Tomorrow I will try to make progress on the washing machine and home internet.  And probably buy a brita pitcher so we can drink the home water.  Thanks for reading…I mean looking, everyone…


5 thoughts on “Some photos from today

    • We had three choices of where to go, with only basics about our teaching commitments at that point. I had looked online at the CETP possible cities and this was actually very high on my list. So when it was offered, I think we accepted within 5 minutes of getting the email.

  1. What a beautiful center of town! I’m going to guess on the snack bars. Napolini = chocolate with caramel in the middle? Wafelini= pretty straight forward wafers? Sport XL = like a power bar?
    Is there anything specific that you miss yet from the States, food-wise?

  2. Since you got to hand wash the clothes, I imagine that is real motivation for checking out the washer! Good job! Can’t go wrong with a candy bar, can you? How were they? Good pictures. I love how many people are out and about. Has the weather stayed in the mid 80’s in Kaposvar? The center of town is beautiful. It would be so nice to just sit and read a book and soak up some vitamin D. You guys are so blessed! 🙂

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