Aahhhh…a relaxing weekend!

Note that I posted yesterday, about Friday, so back up and read the previous post if you haven’t yet.

An enjoyable weekend is coming to an end, and with the promise of cooler weather beginning as soon as Tuesday, here are my thoughts on the weekend:

The internet USB stick has been working fine, other than not being able to download any video clips or upload video.  It has been really nice using internet in our home and I hope that the internet situation gets resolved very quickly.

We committed to getting all of our lesson planning done on Saturday so that Sunday could be a complete rest day, and I admit we didn’t quite make it.  Nothing could keep us from sleeping in late both days, and only about 1 hour of casual lesson planning slipped into our Sunday plans.  We did plan for the whole upcoming week, and I made a list of important things to ask about at school, such as what supplies I can use, where I can find class rosters, and I need to ask grammar teachers about their syllabi so I can blend my class along with their other English class.  I also need to see if my six periods of 9e are the same students six days a week, or six different groups of students, or something in between.  If it wasn’t so early in the year we would have been able to get the planning done quicker… we ran late because we were struggling to plan classes that are still new to us.  In my case, I have 4th grade tomorrow…the CDs she gave me don’t match the text (oops) and I think I remember her saying just to start with introductions…  but so much was going on the first time I was there I don’t really remember because it was in passing.  So I made a lesson for intros and also the book lesson #1.

We spent the better part of Saturday actually getting the home cleaned…vacuumed, swept, wiped, organized, put away, etc.  It is finally ready to live in.  In fact, we made you all a video of our place today, put can’t post it until we are in a free wifi location or get our internet up.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy not walking down to McDonald’s every night and feeling like a loser as I use their free wifi for hours?

Sunday involved sleeping in late, finishing lessons, and recording the video, as previously mentioned. We also fit in a nice (minus the heat) walk down to Kossuth Square (“the walking street”) where a festival is going on this weekend. It is mostly crafts and booths for wine tasting and food, but the main draw was a very large stage set up in the location we showed in recently photos.  Performances have been going on at 3 different stages this weekend (one is in the grocery store parking lot).  We found a nice shady spot to stand in for a while while we listened to a Hungarian band called “Ismerõs Arcok (familiar faces).”  It was actually quite enjoyable despite not understanding any words.  I think Kellie heard the singer say “tizenegy” (11) or something like that, and I know she will be posting some video she filmed, so stay tuned.

After music, we walked 5-10 minutes up to Tesco, the Walmart-like 24/7 superstore.  We needed some foods and also had a list of home supplies, like a new kitchen trash can, fabric softener, a strainer, and things like that.  We found almost everything we were looking for.  By the way, they had wine on sale.  Their lower end wine, which I guess is similar to 2-buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s, looked good, but it was on sale for the equivalent of 80 cents a bottle.  I will stick to the higher end ($3-5) wines!

FInal thought:  we had several home-cooked meals this weekend and they were great. For lunch yesterday, we had a whole loaf of fresh bread (less than $1) with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with tomatoes and fresh mozarella. Today for dinner we had wild Alaska salmon fillets (frozen and not as good as the fresh stuff in the Pac NW) and sauteed onions and zucchini, with strawberries and bread.

Have a great week everyone…Hopefully Skype will be working soon!  I did call Fidelity Investments on my cellphone because of a “security block” and it cost only $3-ish for 9 minutes! Way cheaper than I expected.


One thought on “Aahhhh…a relaxing weekend!

  1. I was happy to see the festival video. It sounded like a good band, no matter what language they were singing. What a good idea to try to free up at least 1 full day per weekend to rest. I hope you can actually do that in the future!

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