With a short string now of daily, somewhat-lengthy postings, I wonder whether any readers might tire of such frequent updating… perhaps every other day would be better?  You don’t really need to answer that; I will continue to post as often as I am able.

Now, FOGOTO (who knows what that means?):

1. Please check out the updated website.  I have redesigned, and actually put meaningful content into the tabs you see horizontally across the top (Who am I?, Interests, etc.)

2. Please check out the blog links on the right; they are fellow CETP teachers we spent orienatation with, and they are now in various parts of the country.

3. Our home internet is basically working. We can download at a very fast speed, but the upload rate is unacceptably slow.  It is actually below the company’s “guaranteed minimum upload rate” and I think is fast enough for skype, but it is definitely not reliable.  I discovered that slow upload speeds are generally due to a computer problem, but what are the chances both of our computers have the same problem, especially when they worked at the local wi-fi places and worked on my parents’ wi-fi signal? I ran some diagnostic tests on the router and cable mode and nothing associated with a computer program showed up, there is also no network traffic and the “packets sent” is not too high (spyware)…Enough with all the technical talk. Tonight I will defragment and do virus/spyware checks and try again tomorrow.

4. Finally, here are some short videos you might find interesting:

This is the first of two modern tourism videos for Budapest and Hungary, showing Hungarian inventions and innovations.

Here is the second.

A performance (with beautiful Hungarian sings and instruments) . This is actually a cover of a modern rock song. “Most múlik pontosan” (This moment is it) [roughly]


2 thoughts on “Ponderings…

  1. I hope you can get a reliable internet service up & running in your home sometime soon. That must be so frustrating for both of you. What a pretty piece of music! Thanks for ever-broadening my cultural horizons. 🙂

  2. Wow, you know more about computers than I do. I would have never thought to try all of those things. Good job!

    The song sounded a little arabic for a moment! Somewhere in the middle… I don’t know if it switched to a minor key or what happened. And the fact that I can’t understand the words may have contributed LOL. I have never seen any one play, was that a viola, like that!? It looked strange not to see the black chin peice. The song had a lot of different feelings to it. Tempo and everything. I imagine the words must match it. Thanks for sharing!

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