Nothing too exciting…but I am a resident now!

The highlight of the day was being told at 11:00 that my residency papers had come in, that I needed to call Kellie back from her classes (today is a day she teaches until 3:30) and that we needed to go pick up the documents before 3pm.  That is apparently the one time this week when this particular government office is open…strange!  And as my contact teacher, Arpi, said, “we don’t know when it will be open again, so you should go today.”  We now have resident cards (which look like a US driver’s license) and tomorrow we will hopefully finalize the paperwork for healthcare and tax form (paychecks).

Elementary school takes a LOT of energy.  Not only have I never taught small kids, but without my own children, I literally have no experience.  It’s not something I’m super excited about, but I enjoy being there.  Sometime in the future, I will blog about the schools’ complete lack of partnership with parents (or so it seems).  I notice such an alarming difference in how little (actually zero) teachers here communicate with parents.  In the US, the very first time a student was disobeying, I would have been all over a phone call to the parents.  When I was at the Long Beach (CA) public school I would have done the same.  Here, there seems to be no parent contact, plus  I can’t use authority words (“Listen to me,” etc.)  in Hungarian.

I finally took a pic of the elementary school, which is located near down a narrow walkway off the street, about 10 minutes walk from me.

Walking toward Zrinyi Bilingual Elementary School

Walking back today, I noticed a street sign which refers to the one next to our home.  It highlights the reason it can be so noisy here; in addition to our hospital proximity, our road is a major road, connect some major destinations.

Lots of Important Places!

I guess that’s it for now…talk to you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Nothing too exciting…but I am a resident now!

  1. Yay for residency! You’ll have to post a picture of your residency card, to fill my curiosity if nothing else. That’s strange that there’s a complete lack of communication between teachers and parents. Very strange indeed. I’m interested in your future blog post when you expand upon that.

  2. This new age group is proving to be a challenge? 😦 It would be hard without being able to tell them directly those authoritative phrases. I think it will get better though. Give yourself time to adjust to all of the new and uncontrollable parts of it.

    It would make me uncomfortable having zero parent teacher communication. What if there were more major things that needed to be discussed? Hmm.. interesting.

    Congrats on the residency! 🙂

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