Wednesday, Wednesday, what to say?

Today was a typical workday, and a pretty good one!

This morning, I had 1st grade and both lessons went well, then I had 2 hours off. Today is my 1.5 hour block of 9th grade and we did several activities in class.  One was a story chain, where a story keeps building, with each student repeating the previous story and adding on to it.  We also did an “Alive!” exercise where groups of 5 each have hypothetically crashed their plane into one of various locations.  Each group must describe a 7-day survival plan, then they present it.  The others listen to it, critique it, and ultimately vote on the plan’s chance for success.  Third, we created everyday lines of dialogue in pairs, and others had to guess what setting that line would come from.

Shortly after class, Kellie and I went with Arpi for a short, uneventful trip to the health insurance office, the next step in filing our paperwork.  It only last 20 minutes or so, and then Kellie and I walked over to the outdoor mall, “The Corso.”  We went into Muller, a RiteAid-like store, to purchase Brita filters and lots of classroom supplies (pens, ruler, etc.).  The bookstore next door, “Libra,” seemed inviting and I was excited to see a small English language section.  I picked up a paperback copy of Oscar Wilde’s Portrait of Dorian Gray, new, for about $4.50.  I am almost done reading Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, the only English-language book I brought with me.

We have mainly been home the rest of the day, although I did sit at the park, doing schoolprep for an hour while Kellie napped. I also went to our local pizzeria, where we got two 13″ wood-fired pizzas for about $9.  The only with sour cream on top is really good!

Our internet is being screwy a bit today (and even worse yesterday) so we’ll see what happens next.  I still suspect some problem outside of our house,wiring or what not.  However, the speed tests on my computer are horribly slow today (they have been great for the last several days) which I was shocked to see the speed tests on Kellie’s computer are great.   Hmm..  yay for troubleshooting.  My VP is going to let me borrow an extra modem of his and see if there is any change.   Again, I say let’s just skip all the intermediate steps and call the darn internet professionals over to test the system – even if I have to pay for it.

Get this… tomorrow I have short classes because the President of Hungary is visting my high school and speaking to the student body.

Why I am excited about traveling in Europe:  I just started thinking about what to do for Christmas this evening.  I looked up flights from Budapest to Italy, particularly Florence.  The price for 2 adults, one-way on WizzAir–$60, total, taxes included.

And finally, Happy birthday, Dad.  I love you.  I will send some photos soon.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday, Wednesday, what to say?

  1. Ooo, Christmas in Italy, what a fun adventure! Was that just a random idea of yours, or have the 2 of you discussed Christmas plans for a while now?
    What did you think of “Cannery Row”? I read “Sweet Thursday”, which apparently is a sequel of sorts to “cannery row”, and I couldn’t make my mind up about how I felt about it. I think I need to read more Steinbeck to accurately judge that.
    What was your students’ best survival plan during the “alive” exercise?

    • I liked Cannery Row because it was very simple language…like Mark Twain I guess… It must be 3rd grade reading level, but I was interested in the story. Then the last page or two is where Steinbeck decided to switch from literal and straight-forward to figurative and imaginative. I thought the conclusion was very disappointing. Unlike the rest of the book, I have no idea what he’s talking about.

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