Christmas plans….and…

We have purchased the tickets for Italy.  10 days, including Christmas and New Year’s Day. We got them for $130 each which isn’t quite Ryanair/WizzAir prices, but this includes one piece of checked baggage and no added fees.  For a 1.75 hour flight, that seems like a good price to me.  I was going to buy them on Sunday, then they went up to $190 each for a couple days and I jumped on it when they dropped again.

I also finally ordered my tripod today, a Benro Travel Angel A2685F with BH1 ballhead.  I wanted a travel tripod that would fold up to less than 21″ so it could fit in carry-on luggage. I also wanted it to be under 4 pounds and support more than 9 pounds.  I emailed my dad a list of the top 8 or 10 I had found, and he suggested this one, as it is like his. It is being sent here from London for about $25 US shipping (2 day insured).  I had to find a reputable European site because my preferred USA Camera store wanted over $100 to ship it to Hungary., you win!

In other news, I met with my tutoring student today for 45 minutes. We also had a friendly visit from the previous CETP teacher who lived in our house two years ago and is still in town.  Finally, I am sick 😦     I was stuffy Sat/Sun/Mon. I felt great Tuesday, and the cough started Wednesday. Hopefully it goes away soon.



2 thoughts on “Christmas plans….and…

  1. I hope you’re starting to feel better, Bobby! Go take a hot bath, and make sure to do the start/stop thing with the drain so you don’t flood your bathroom. 😉
    I’m always amazed at your internet-searching / deal-finding abilities. Good job at booking such a great price for such a value flight!

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