Midweek Update (+ photos)

My classes have gone really smoothly so far in these first two days.  We have been playing “Telephone” in the 9th and 10th grade classes.  It’s so much fun and there have been lots of laughs…we will continue that in my 1x-per-week classes through Friday. Yesterday, one started with something either about unicorns or bicycles and ended with “hey baby, there’s popcorn in my bed.”

On Thursday morning, I have a 2nd and 3rd hour with the 9e class, but I will have to miss it—or at least most of it.  Arpi told me today that they have the final step in our paperwork process figured out, but we need to go to the tax office at 7:30 on Thursday morning.  I suppose that’s ok, though I will be missing ONE of my favorite classes (I have many) and Kellie won’t get to sleep in.  Apparently, I needed to either: a) tell that class that I won’t be there and they should work quietly, b) give them an assignment and tell them to work on it, or c) do either a or b but also tell them there may be a substitute teacher who shows up.  I had that same group today and told them basic instructions for creating a skit.  Hopefully, they will break into four groups on their own, and work on it like they’re supposed to.

This week, we started presentations.  Each student has to give a presentation for at least 3 minutes on whatever topic he/she chooses. Students don’t get downgraded for using notes, but the presentation has to be in English and smooth, without any time wasting.  Through the first few days, it’s clear students took it seriously; topics included the history of paper, Harry Potter, kayaking, Andy Warhol, and health/fitness, among others.  The student who spoke about Andy Warhol actually made a decorative timeline to go along with it. It was really a lot of effort and well-done.  She let me keep it, so I think I will try to find a place in the classroom to display it.

In other news, our absentee ballots arrived by airmail today.  I believe I can return it to the embassy in Budapest or mail it back on my own.  I wanted to make sure I cast my vote for the “Costco” initiative, making private alcohol sales legal in WA state.

My tripod will hopefully arrive tomorrow! I am excited to see it sitting on my desk at work.

Here are some other pictures from our “walking street,” Fő utca:

áfonyás AND zöldalma


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