Baseball, running, classes, camera…

Old-school basketball!

Without a creative title, there’s a very descriptive one which should foreshadow the details of this post.   Although, I frequently wonder if my posts are too lengthy.  I wonder if my readers get tired of very very long posts and would rather have more, shorter ones. I feel guilty at apologizing so often at the start of lengthy posts.

1: BASEBALL: It’s postseason time.  Yesterday was possibly the most dramatic final day in history.  It started with 2 wild-card races tied, and within minutes of each other the Red Sox completed a monumental September collapse [I know Skye is happy about this] and the Rays came back from 7-0 to beat the Yankees and win the wild-card.  The NL wasn’t quite as dramatic  but equally suspenseful.

I would love to see Milwaukee vs. Philly and Detroit vs. Tampa in the league series.

In Fantasy baseball news, I played this year in my regular league made up of NOVA (my previous school in WA) teachers students and alumni.  As we all know, Jason Gacek (6th grade teacher) never loses. He is a baseball expert!  But I have my best team ever.  I led for extended periods of time at several times this year.  Until a month ago when 7 (!!!) starting players went on the DL within 2 weeks. Then I took the lead again with 3 days to go, and promptly lost it the next day.  I finished 2 points behind Jason.  3rd and 4th place were very competitive also.   I began the season with the team name: Magyars and the motto: Bringing Hungary a victory in battle.  Last week I changed the team name to: Thanks Jordan Walden (Angels closer) and the motto to: Was winning until my closers decided to suck!   Enough said.  I think this was my chance to beat Jason.


Kaposvari Rakoczi FC, a top-division club

In preparation for Rókaűzők on October 8, and also because I love running, I went for a longer run yesterday. I ran out about 4 miles to Kaposszentjakab, ruins of an old monastery, and back.  Along the way, I passed the disgusting smells of the river (or maybe sewage?) flowing near the sugar plant.  I took 2 wrong turns which added about a mile to my trip, my shoes were too loose and I could feel some blisters forming in a place that never bothers me.  BUT I also took my camera along with me.  I think this is the first time running with my camera.   I was halfway through my journey and was able to watch the sunset from the monastery hill, then I enjoyed the challenge of getting back before it was completely dark…taking another wrong turn along the way.

3. CLASSES: Here are just a few pics from class today.  I brought my camera to class, since students are performing skits this week.  They had to make up skits using a ruler, dustpan, potatomasher, and a random purple knitted thingy, and their uses had to be made up (i.e.; the masher could not be used to mash).  My camera was also being weird.  I bought new AA batteries, but either I purchased dead batteries (they were really cheap!) or my camera hates Hungarian batteries. Hmm..

4. CAMERA: My tripod arrived from London:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


6 thoughts on “Baseball, running, classes, camera…

  1. Oh my gosh. I was so long on your point #1. It’s like you were speaking a foreign language. I couldn’t even finish reading that topic. I tried. Don’t be offended. I wish I had a clue what you were talking about! :O :0

    Running: Now your speaking English again! Love the idea of bringing your camera along with you! Dang about getting off track twice. I would have been walking by the second time it happened!! Kudos to you.

    My goodness, Skits? You must be having so much fun! That totally doesn’t sound like work at all! I want to do skits at work! With a camera. LOL How did the kids like it? Were they entertaining? What was the most entertaining for you and why?

    No, your posts aren’t too long! 🙂 Don’t worry!

    • I feel exactly the same thing about point #1. I’m not all that into baseball, and have no clue how fantasy leagues even work. Confusion definitely set in during that paragraph!

  2. I made the mistake of buying cheap batteries when I lived in Hungary too. After about 3 sets, I realized they just wouldn’t work. I spent a little money on a set of name-brand rechargeable batteries from either Cora or Media Markdt and was set for the rest of the year.

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