Important Phrases, Important Connections, Important Experiences

Just a quicker update today—actually just a summary of today’s events rather than ANALYSIS.

First off, Firefox hates WordPress, or maybe WordPress hates Firefox…GRR….  I have to remember to type these posts in Chrome or Opera.

Okay.  Today I taught first grade, but didn’t receive the plan ahead of time.  I didn’t have the opportunity because I didn’t have to go to Zrinyi yesterday. Why? Because 3rd grade went to the dentist together. That’s an aspect of state-run healthcare I think I like.

I was asked to be a guest speaker in Peter’s 5th grade history class during the following period,  and I presented several US historical tourist attractions (e.g., Gettysburg, Mesa Verde, etc.) while tying it in to the actual history involved. It was a fun…45 minutes, and I appreciated that the students had prepared questions to ask me.

My cold lasted 7 days, was gone for 5, and may be back although I’m not sure. I have no symptoms other than an occasional, slight cough.  It’s probably nothing although the last two colds I had did the same thing and I ended up receiving antibiotics for an infection.  As I tell people, I almost never get sick but when I do, it lasts for a long time.

This Saturday is the 40+ mile-long Kaposvár to Pécs team relay known as Rókaűzők.  During the break tomorrow, we will solidify the individual legs.  I believe I have an “easy” 5 mile leg, so I have been running more lately and going 5-6 miles.  Today I ran 5.4 miles over to the university and back. Google maps didn’t make it clear that there is no running shoulder along this main road for part of the way.  I did lots of stopping and waiting on the side of the road.  Next time, I’ll choose a different path.

We are currently decided on what to do for Fall break (Oct 31-Nov 5, roughly).  If we’re flying somewhere four destinations seem relatively cheap and are equally priced: Netherlands, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. Any suggestions? We could also fly to Milan which would allow us to see northern Italy, since we won’t be in that area for Christmas. The Milan flight is basically free, but it is a discount airline that adds on a fee for EVERYTHING, so it’s not quite free.  As a side note: Many people here believe that Holland is a country, though Jason Gacek and I know better (the country is Netherlands, and Jason, I miss your informal trivia quizzes!).  I really want to correct them, though I haven’t.

Our “paperwork” has supposedly been posted- that means mailed. We need to open a bank account soon, because I doubt they want to direct deposit to Bank of America.

I am really appreciating the willingness of my Munkacsy students, and even the enthusiasm of my Zrinyi 4th graders, to teach me Hungarian.  Today I learned how to say “I don’t have one,” “no problem,” “once again,” and the method for changing between words like big, bigger, and biggest. That’s nagy, nagyobb, and legnagyobb.

This week, we have found cornmeal,corn starch, baking powder, and yeast.  Now we just need some appropriate pans for baking. Speaking of baking, I mentioned to two students, Bianka and Zsanett, that I was baking cornbread.  It apparently isn’t made here, unless they know it by another name (but I don’t know what it would be besides kukorica kenyér).  So, I baked a tray of cornbread for their class tomorrow.  If you are reading this and are not in that group of 11e, I will be making your class something on a different day – not tomorrow.

And that leads me to the observation that my viewer count has grown substantially in the last few days.  Thank you all for reading!  I have been publicizing my blog updates on facebook, and since many of my students are facebook friends, I have many more readers of my blog. I hope you enjoy it and please ask if you have any questions.  Feel free to comment also.

Finally, let’s go Tigers…. send the Yankees home once again.


5 thoughts on “Important Phrases, Important Connections, Important Experiences

  1. Bobby,

    I’ve been following your posts and it sounds like you’ve been having a great experience so far. David and I were just talking about you today and how I still would really like to find a chance to Skype between schools this year, maybe with some connected content. Tomorrow he and I are doing a history/science webcast with the advanced class. We hope everything works the way we plan. I even mentioned you in drama class in connection with the pictures of the skits you posted. Teenagers are the same, no matter where you are in the world. Jason is still keeping up with the quizzes at lunch, which Dominic and Jeff have been really helpful at.

    The destinations you mentioned are all great places to visit. Although I can’t think of specific sites to check out in most of them (a guide book would probably do a better job) I can give you some good suggestions or answer any questions for Berlin, when ever you make it there. Keep me in mind for that. I know you are headed to Italy, but It is particularly awesome to visit around the holidays. They have “Christmas markets” all over the city and they make it pretty “magical”.

    I have been seriously considering a visit you way this summer. When you have a better idea of when would be a good time let me know and I will put it on the calendar. My long-term hope is to organize a student trip to Europe to coincide with a World History year but realize that it would be the summer at the end of your stay. Think about how that might work with your school, even if you were on your way back here. I would love to build a relationship with your school for that purpose and one with my old school in Berlin. Big ideas take big thoughts.

    Keep up with the post. I really enjoy them. And keep enjoying every minute. You two seem to be having the adventure of a lifetime.

    Jason Sieling

    • Wow,Jason thanks for checking it with my blog!
      I would love to do something in a connect way too. I suppose for a live session, 8-9am your time would be 5-6pm here. I suppose I could round up some interested students if we had a preplanned task or topic. I’m not even sure the school is open that late but maybe I could buy pizzas and they could meet at my place which is on the school campus. Hmm, I’ll have to think about this. By the way, pizza is extremely cheap here…you can’t even imagine!

      Our plans are to visit the US for a significant part of late June-late July. So, I can confidently say that if you were to visit Hungary, or any other part of Europe during August, I could find you. My city isn’t a tourist destination but I suppose it might be a stopover point on your way to Croatia, the former Yugoslavia countries, or points further south. I would be happy to meet you anywhere, and I would imagine we’ll see some part of Europe that month anyway.

      I am fairly confident that we will stay here 2 years, and then my are considering Czech Republic for 1 or 2 more…. it’s all tentative, but I could see us still being here when you are able to organize a trip. What an experience!

  2. Hi Bobby! Thanks for such great blogs. I have them sent directly to my email; don’t know if that shows up on your “stats” or not, but thought you would want to have that statistic as well.

    You will be happy to know that we have a “staff” bathroom this year (something you were a champion for) and that we’re hoping to resurrect the staff/student basketball game in the spring. Are you sure you & Kellie can’t fly back for that?

    Speaking of flights, Dominic is looking for recommendations for how you earn those awesome flight points. Since he’s flying back to Scotland for the holidays, he is going to be logging lots of miles and could use some tips. You, being the master of such deals, have invaluable information to share.

    Also – what was the name of the big math conference you attended? I’m still hoping to go one of these years.

    Say hi to Kellie for me and best wishes!

    Linda/Mo 😉

    • Good news about all the changes… and thank you very much for reading my blog! I certainly miss NOVA, but I am really enjoying the pace of life here, and the students are great.
      I would love to be back for the basketball game.

      I had an Alaska airlines visa card. It has a fee and is really only worth it if you are also going to be traveling in the USA, AND will be purchasing a ticket to London many months in advance. Otherwise, I know the OneWorld Alliance includes several airlines, and I believe it has a credit card. He would want to ideally stick to one brand name that he will fly exclusively (Alaska, in our case) so that everything he earns goes into one bank. OneWorld allows you to fly on multiple airlines (certain ones) and I think the point redemption is interchangeable (?) between all of the partner airlines. The next 3 Aprils are Philadelphia, Denver, and New Orleans.
      Also, there is a link to Kellie’s blog on the right side of my page.
      Say hi to everyone for me!

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