Time goes by…

This is my first blog post this week.  It’s not that it has been an uneventful, boring time. It’s just that things feel very comfortable, increasingly routine, and I simply forgot to post.  Kellie reminded me yesterday that I haven’t posted in about a week, but I just haven’t been reminded to post by some strange event or unusual experience.  Here’s the week in recap:

World Series:  I really don’t care about either of these teams, but I would rather see the Rangers win than the Cardinals.  Game 7 is tonight.  There have been lots of dramatic moments in this series, but I have to watch the highlights the morning after……then sometimes I play it for my classes. ( They are Rangers fans… we decided together)

Fitness: I need to get running again.  I get into little streaks, but then I take a big break.  I just got back from a 30 minute run, my first one in over 2 weeks.  I can’t use weather as an excuse this winter because I brought my underlayers and my running compression tights…and three pairs of gloves (I hate running with cold hands). I have decided, however, that I can not run in the dark.  In the US, I ran by streetlight frequently.  But I have noticed when I run in residential areas that 1)I don’t feel safe running in the street, 2) I don’t feel safe running on a trail through the countryside and 3) the sidewalks are uneven, sloped, cracked, and they have grooves cut into them for drainage (that’s a sprained ankle just waiting for me). Sometimes, at street corners, the sidewalk turns into an unusual-looking ramp-slash-stairway that really can’t be explained.  I will take a picture soon, but for now, just imagine that if I tripped on this in the night, nearby pedestrians would either gasp and scream in horror, or laugh hysterically.

In other fitness news, I really miss yoga.  I can feel the negative change in my body from not doing yoga.  We have videos and the supplies here, so that’s one possibility. The other is to find a local yoga studio.  I have been on this task for two months now – I have students doing some research for me.

Halloween Party: In class this week we have been talking about Halloween.  Yesterday after school there was a Halloween party for students.  They don’t celebrate Halloween here (but Nov 1 is a national holiday for remembrance) so I was amazed when I showed up and so many students were in US-style costumes.  And not just the packaged kind you find at Target..many were homemade.  The party was organized by the art teacher who did an exchange in the US last year, so maybe that’s where the inspiration’s from?

Notice the large kitchen knife being used to cut the pumpkins.  There were two or three of these large (10″) DULL kitchen knives on each tables, and students were free to carve their pumpkins, with minimal supervision (at least compared to the USA).  Kellie says she used knives like this when she was a kid, and I thought she was joking; I remember small steak knives and little orange plastic knives that were sold in the Halloween section of the store.  Am I wrong?

I dressed as a mystery.  I wore all black with a question mark pinned to my shirt.  So when people asked what I was, it went something like this:

[student] what are you supposed to be?
[me] what do you think I am?
[student] I have no idea. What is that costume?
[me] That’s the question.
[end of conversation]

It was pretty funny.

Each group had to carve a pumpkin, write a story, and draw a picture

I ran back home once to get my camera, and later ran back a second time to convince Kellie to come over.  It was a fun opportunity to meet some of my English-speaking colleagues and some students.

We left at about 6, just as the band (who practices under our home) was getting started. Apparently, the party was going until 8:30pm.

Care Package: If I I haven’t mentioned this yet, we got a package of goodies (actually a huge box) from my family.  Thanks for everything!  We also got a postcard of Hawaii from a NOVA colleague whose daughter is in Hawaii filming a new TV show (The River, ABC). I will make sure to show it to all of my students.

Care Package Goodies

It’s Autumn Break time,   see you tomorrow…from Bologna, Italy.


3 thoughts on “Time goes by…

  1. Maybe I should clarify that I remember using real knives at home. I do not recall carving pumpkins at school, but we may have….. The knives would have definitely been the small ones you are referring to if we did.

  2. I remember using very long, large knives to carve our pumpkins at home as well. I never used one of those new-fangled orange safety knives with the designs until I met Trent. I guess using a knife is the more primitive (and lower middle-class in my family’s case) way to celebrate Halloween! I know that my mom has several pics of us kids wielding huge knives over pumpkins. I never carved pumpkins at school though. The Christian school has been (and will always be) staunchly opposed to the celebration of Halloween, but I love this holiday! It’s fun!!!!!

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