Venice Photos…

There are approximately twenty photos in this post.  I will try to post some more on a Facebook album or in a Flickr album attached to Facebook.  For for now, enjoy these:

outdoor photos

                                                        St. Mark’s Cathedral

                  On the Waterfront

        A Dark Alley

           It’s Venice

  Gonna swim for it!


                     Entering a church

indoor photos

St. Mark’s Cathedral

Fresco above a 14th century sarcophagus

Typing yesterday’s entry while referencing our Venice map

                                           Latin inscription, in beautiful calligraphy

                         Zuppa di Pesce

The body of one St. Christina, martyred in the year 327 at age 11-13 (I don’t remember)

                                                                                                      Carnavale, anyone?


                 St. Mark’s, again

Crossing the Hungary border at sunrise this morning (that’s our train)