Girls Basketball, Bananagrams, and Kaposvar

I should start off by letting you know I just got back from a 35 minute run around the city.  At 8pm, the temperature was at the high point for the day…28F !  I wore extra clothes today and I wasn’t cold for a second.  I also wore my Vibram FiveFingers for the first time in Hungary and they were as comfortable as I remembered.

Today our school had a girls basketball tournament going on.  I didn’t see any parents, any fans, any one who showed up to watch, but all day long, teams were playing in the gym.  There were at least a few girls’ teams from nearby cities, including my school’s team.  I had classes 5th and 7th period today, and as I approached my first class, they asked if we could watch the game.  I checked with another teacher to make sure it was okay, and I rewarded them…just this once.  It wasn’t just wasted time though.  As we all stood at the balcony railing, leaning over to watch the game, I was chatting with them, in English, about basketball and other topics.  We caught two visiting teams playing each other and I was told that our team is much better…and that Munkacsy had won 44-14 earlier in the day.  Well, we watched this game, and during my off period, I came back up to watch our team. I learned that three of my students are on the team, so it fun to have individuals to root for. We sure had a height advantage and won this game 40-5.  But having coaching experience in girls’ basketball, I noticed lots of room for improvement…basically, I told everyone who would listen that I (and Kellie) would love to come to practices whenever they need more help.  For defense, or whatever…  I don’t think the head coach had any assistants.  Hey, I don’t need to be a coach (my lack of Hungarian being a huge reason) but I would love to take part in helping somehow. 7th period watched games, too.

                                                         Munkacsy is in white

Kaposvar Pictures:

What it looks like outside today

Rippl-Ronai (famous artist) Museum

Dog, Cat, Feed, Equipment

So the following pics include one of 9e working in my computer lab, and several of 9e and 11e playing Bananagrams, a game similar to Scrabble but replying more on the individual (or team).


2 thoughts on “Girls Basketball, Bananagrams, and Kaposvar

  1. I guess I’ve never heard of Bananagrams. I thought it was something completely different.
    That would be great if you could start helping out with coaching a basketball team!

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