Observations from a run around town

Sorry for the delay…the bigger posts I am putting together are taking more time than I planned.

This Tuesday, I went for a run around town.  It was during a warm spell…probably about 50 F, but I still wore my running tights.  They are very comfortable.  I also have been wearing my Vibram FiveFingers shoes…they are very comfortable, too.

Run details: distance 6.2 miles   time 55:00     It was a nice, comfortable slow run with lots of stretch breaks and drills.

Number of times my barefoot shoes were noticed…attracting great attention (and possibly a laugh): 2

Number of graffiti words, in English, I ran past: 2     Interestingly, the English in question was “cop killer” and is located under the bridge by the train tracks.  Yes, that’s where I ran.

Number of cemeteries I ran through: 1       I explored lots of paths, ran through the “future use” area, came up to the unknown/can’t afford a tombstone/I don’t know what section, and said hello to a few people who were there in mourning.  I was trying to figure out the organizational layout of the place…it seemed like, possibly, it was separated by year of death.  But then I’m not sure.  AlI I can say for sure is that it seemed like an unusually high amount of deaths in 1962.  Hmmm.

Number of misguided billboards: 2          My route took me roughly along the NE and NW borders of the city.  On both of the main roads entering the city, there is a billboard. The two billboards had identical advertisements. And it happens to inform the driver that Margarine is 179 forints…at COOP Grocery Store…. in Budapest.    Seriously, that grocery store is not in our city.  So, for anyone who makes the drive into Kaposvar for grocery shopping, you’ll be reminded that margarine is on sale just 185 km (over 2 hours) in the other direction!


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