Destination: Roma Day: I

I am beyond excited to give my camera (actually, both of them) a workout during Christmas break.  On this trip, the words “hurry” and “schedule” will not exist. I have no list of what needs to be seen, but the potential for what is out there seems limitless.  I know that our 6 days in Rome and 3 in Florence will be full of adventure!  These two cities can take one back into history like few others, I’m sure.  Rome, the most important city in the world 2000 years ago, and Florence, the (arguably) most important city in the world 500 years ago.

I came to these two cities as a 14-year old, but during our first day here, today… it’s clear a return was needed.  I remembered some general things from my earlier visit, but now it feels like I am seeing the sights for the first time.

Kellie gave a great explanation of our complicated route from Kaposvar to Rome on her blog, and her thoughts on day 1 of the trip cover everything I would say, and more.  So this is my day 1 in photos (click on photo to enlarge):


Approaching the Amphitheatrum Flavium (built 72- 80 AD)

Colosseum Scavi

At least 6 levels, from the bottom of the Scavi to the 4th level of seating.  The Colosseum held 50,000+ spectators, seating by occupation/place in society.  Tickets were free, and it was a full-day outing.  Underneath the arena floor (scavi) hundreds of workers dealt with extreme heat and darkness as they managed the animals and worked the elevators.

Colloseum Palatine

Arch of Constantine and Palatine Hill

San Pietro Vincoli

Walkway near Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli



Rome Roma modern furniture

Window Shopping in Roma

pantheon rome roma

Pantheon of Ancient Rome (126 AD). This temple, to the thousands of Pagan Roman gods, is still fully standing…not in ruins.  The Corinthian-inspired portico leads into a 142 ft. diameter rotunda.  Above is an unreinforced concrete (Roman invention) dome that reaches up 142 ft. where an oculus provides all of the interior light.  It is fully intact, expect for some bronze panels that used to decorate the ceiling of the entrance.

Pantheon interior oculus dome

The roof and oculus of the Pantheon, Rome


The Pantheon is now a Catholic Church and holds the bodies of Raphael and two Kings of modern Italy.

Christmas in Rome

Buon Natale! It’s Christmas time in Rome.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

The Trevi Fountain (1762). This Baroque fountain was at the junction of three roads (tre vie) and is 85 feet high and 65 feet wide. It is on the location of an ancient Roman fountain, as was typically constructed at the end of the aqueducts which supplied ancient Rome.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain. The crowd isn’t too bad this time of year.

dining in Rome

Bread and oil. An important part of any Italian meal. Mangia!

Rome Metro Barberini

At the entrance to the metro. Traveling during holidays required some extra planning!


One thought on “Destination: Roma Day: I

  1. As always, the photos are lovely & transport me to adventures! The 1st picture of the Trevi Fountain seemed so peaceful & calm… and then the 2nd one with all the people really took me back. And that’s not so busy?! wow.
    The history and architecture are so amazing.

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