Destination: Firenze, Toscana Day: IV

We didn’t head out into Florence until sunset today, and I only took my point-and-shoot camera (which is new and I love it). But I shot in auto mode and couldn’t do any technical things to improve my photos…so, sorry if they are a bit grainy and blurry.


Kellie + cappucino: At the station waiting for our train. This size of cappucino can range from 1.30 euros to over 5, depending on location.

Cortona Tuscany

Contona, in the Tuscany Hills (where “Under the Tuscan Sun” takes place).

Rome to Florence

Comfortably passing time on our 3 hour train ride.

Florence Firenze

Via San Gallo, Florence: at Sunset.

Duomo Baptistry Campanile Florence

Baptistry di San Giovanni (1059-1128) and Giotto’s Campanile (1334-1359), Florence.

Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica: A glowing sunset almost hidden by dark streets in Florence.

Florence street art artist

Florence street art.

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), Florence. Built in 1345, it was the only bridge in Florence not bombed in WWII.

Palazzo Vecchio Florence

Palazzo Vecchio (1299-1322). Michelangelo’s David originally stood outside the entrance.

Florence shopping

Window shopping in Florence.

Evening stroll in Florence

Florence: out for an evening stroll.


7 thoughts on “Destination: Firenze, Toscana Day: IV

  1. I love the evening shots! Did you have your camera on some sort of Night Scenery or Night Portrait setting? Or did it just normally look so festive and bright and warm, even though everyone’s bundled up like it’s cold?

    • Sorry about the slow reply. My DSLR is so much more versatile that the point and shoot camera…it doesn’t have any settings. I’m sure I raised the ISO to 800 or more, then I would have used “Nik Define 2.0” on Photoshop to reduce the noise. I may have also taken the same photo at three different exposures (bracketing) and put them together, though I don’t usually do that for darkness photos.

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  3. I don’t know how I stumbled upon you blog but I realize we were in Florence at the very same time. I have the exact same photo of artist who is doing the chalk drawing…from the same day I think! I’m posting my Rome photos on my blog now but will be posting my Florence photos soon I hope. It takes so long to go thru them! Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your photos!

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