Destination: Siena Day: VII

author’s note:  Over the next 24 hours, I will likely be posting 4 blog entries, including days 7-9 and an additional one.  My computer was experiencing technical difficulties in its compatibility with the hotel’s wifi network…..until an hour ago.  So as I catch up, please note there is more than one entry today.

On our way back from Florence to Rome, a few hours south, we stopped for the day in Siena.  Siena is much smaller than either of the other cities, and while Rome is  Roman/modern and Florence is Renaissance, Siena is Medieval.  It is in the hills of Tuscany.  The city, itself, is extremely hilly.  We took a bus to get there, and a train to continue on to Rome.  I think the erratic bus ride made me a little queasy in the stomach, at first. And I was uninspired by the city for a while. Eventually, the camera came out:

Siena Italy Tuscany

Medieval Tuscany. Siena.

Window reflection

Practicing my window reflections.

Christmas Pizza

Christmas pizza, anyone?

SIena Cathedral

Siena Cathedral.

souvenir shop, siena

A typical souvenir shop. But look at the big postcards on the left…

Medieval cats!

Medieval cats! My favorites are the knight (mid left) and jester (lower right).

Organic, eco-friendly gelato

Organic, eco-friendly gelato. What would you choose?

Italian gelato

Pistachio and Zabaglione. The pistachio is the best ice cream I have ever tasted. It had pieces of real pistachio in it. And Zabaglione is an Italian dessert with Marsala.

Kellie in Siena

Kellie in Siena.


One thought on “Destination: Siena Day: VII

  1. Every time you mention gelato, I start drooling. Your choice seemed pretty delicious to me!
    I Love that window reflection photo. I couldn’t tell at first if I was looking THROUGH something or at a reflection OF something else. Beautiful.

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