Interested in attending my school next year?

Several weeks (months?) ago, I noticed the local tv channel visiting our school.  Now I have found out that they were making a 6-minute promotional video for prospective students. And it is supposedly running on tv, I assume thoughout this county.

I saw a sneak peek of it before Christmas, but now it is posted on the school’s website. Speaking of which, I haven’t really used the website much this year. A website is something I would typically make full use of, but Munkacsy’s website previously had an intro page with a huge picture of the namesake and six or eight text links to the rest of the website.  Google Translate doesn’t like this setup, so I would usually go to the page and say,”uh………” for a few seconds before giving up.  Then I would load it using the Google translation and say, “uh……….” for a few more seconds, before giving up.

I am pleased to say that the website has been redesigned…It looks great. Fresh, inviting, all those adjectives that you want your website to be described as.

Before I show you the video, allow me to again make fun of the Google translation.  If you are a native English speaker, I am sure you can decipher the video’s introduction by the context.  Here is the video’s text introduction, as “translated” by Google:

If you’re an athlete you want to be …
If you slowly become more English than in Hungarian ….
If you want to be the next scientist or explorer , who subverts the invention of the world …
If you are one of the world to board with your vision for your future …
If you still could not decide on what area you want to really unfold …
Then we hope we meet with you next year Munkácsy!

#3 is classic! Anyone out there planning to subvert the invention of the world??? Great job, Google.

Here’s the video.  You won’t find me in it, but you will find several of my 12e students (in the classroom):

If that doesn’t work for you, try: This.

If nothing else, you can hear what Hungarian sounds like!


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