An “event”ful week

This is Student Week at Munkacsy.  It is the week between the two terms, or semesters, where there really isn’t much schoolwork going on.  Sure, I had my classes doing schoolwork, at least early in the week. But I was told beforehand (and during) that it’s really not an academic week and the kids won’t be themselves. Though, I wonder…maybe this week allows them to be themselves, instead of being students.

Example of student week atmosphere: I was told that if I give a quiz or test this week, a student will leave the room to tell someone in the 12 class (12th grade) who is allowed to come in and rip up all the tests.  Whether that’s true or not…I didn’t test it.

Monday and Tuesday were basically normal, though there was lots of rehearsing going on in the main indoor courtyard (I still don’t know what to call it) that the classrooms encircle. Throughout the latter half of the week, each of the 12th grade classes was required to have a 15-minute-long live performance and also they had to show a homemade class video. Friday would be a no-academics-at-all day filled with yoga, a fashion show, and I’m really not sure what else.  The schedule was quite full with a large variety of fun stuff.

So Monday and Tuesday were basically normal.  Wednesday and Thursday had shortened classes, sometimes allowing less than 30 minutes of interaction time.  In one class, students presented some maps they had drawn.  In another, we watched cartoons and ESPN videos of baseball highlights (very few students have seen baseball, besides what I show them). In another I explained Mad Libs to them, and we played.  Just some examples.

I support 12.E! I have some classes from B and C groups, but I have all of the E students in grades 9-12. These are the “Magyar-Angol Bilingual” students who have a heavy load of English classes, have some other subjects in English, and have a 5th year of high school, unlike the other groups.   Anyway, I wore my 12.E class shirt which they gave me earlier in the week.  It was fun because many teachers were wearing a variety of shirts.  I suppose the teachers who didn’t wear class shirts did so because they have a variety of 12th grade students and didn’t want to pick favorites.

Here is Thursday’s 12.E performance.  They had the lights dimmed so the picture is obviously very dark.  I won’t bother explaining the plot to you, just enjoy. I imagine you could   do a Youtube search for the 12.a,b,c,d, and f videos, too:

Then in the evening, the school band (whose practice space is in the basement beneath our home) had a concert that was well attended and fun to listen to.  I stayed for at least an hour and a half. I enjoy listening to them.  This is Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode.  Sorry for the poor audio quality.  I never take video on my camera so it isn’t adjusted correctly:

Friday, of course, I stopped by for this non-academic day, just to see what was going on.  I saw the announcement that my group, 12.E won the competition, and the key to the school. Then I went to the teacher’s room and cleaned out my desk for a fresh start to the second term.  Kellie and I are also in the process of having some renovations done to where we are living.  We asked about getting some things replaced or fixed, and apparently the city gave money to the school for this.  So, very shortly, we may be staying in the student hostel for up to two weeks while they replace the flooring and some other major things.

I think that’s about it.  We are going up to Budapest for the weekend, so my next post will relate to that.


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