Daily Hungarian Lesson: Names

I finally finished a project that is about 7 weeks in the making.  Actually, my students did their share of the work, and then I dilly-dallied not being happy enough with how Windows Movie Maker was working.  So I spent several hours this weekend, on CyberLink PowerDirector finally completing the following video:

My inspiration is the Hungarian language. With its rules and additional letters, beyond what exist in English, I had a challenging time first learning students’ names.  I didn’t want to have to pronounce student names with an “English accent.”  I wanted to be able to pronounce them the way they were meant to be spoken.  So please enjoy this video. Close to 35% of my students will show you how to say their names correctly.  You will first see a freeze-frame for 2 seconds, with the student’s name visible in two places (see the example below), then they will pronounce it for you.  Let’s consider this a test.

The quality should be high enough to watch in fullscreen.

How well did you do? Well, unless you already speak Hungarian, I imagine you mispronounced several.  Back in September, I had the hardest time with Klaudia and Laura, as my students will attest to.

Please share this video with anyone you wish. It took a lot of work. Maybe you can play it at your next family gathering or party and see who does the best. And we would all love to see your comments.


2 thoughts on “Daily Hungarian Lesson: Names

  1. Wow, that video definitely took a lot of work! It was fun to see some of your students’ personalities shine through in such a short snippet of video. I did a lot better than I thought I would with the pronunciations, but Claudia and Laura were definitely a bit different than I anticipated!

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