Not much to report on?

I recently noticed I have only posted four times this month. Certainly less than what I try for, but I suppose nothing unusual or exciting has happened lately. I am sure, though, that there will more exciting news to report on in the next few days.

This has been a restful weekend- the second consecutive restful weekend, in fact.  Kellie and I have both felt a bit sick for the last few days, so rest was nice.  This morning, I couldn’t resist getting out into the warmer weather and going for a long run. It felt great to be in running shorts again and not my cold-weather running tights.  I didn’t even need gloves…and my hands are always freezing!

When I got home from my 50 minute run on this beautiful sunny, 60 degree day, I told Kellie about a cemetery I ran by.  We decided to walk over together, and as we got there, we noticed dark clouds approaching. Not long after that, it was raining, then it was cold and hailing!?!  Here is our view just before the hail started:

Kaposvar Hungary storm

Looking west, storm clouds coming from the north


3 thoughts on “Not much to report on?

    • Thanks to both of you… I definitely am itching to get out of town and spend some times taking photos in a new place, but this shows one can always find something to take a picture of in your hometown. I wasn’t really inspired until I saw the light rays breaking through.

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