Long Weekend- 1st Part EGER, HUNGARY

This is a famous city known for the history involving its castle. It’s also well-known as a wine region.  Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) is produced here. Enjoy the pictures, and tomorrow I will post photos from the second half of this weekend’s trip:

Eger Castle Hungary Istvan Dobo

Dobó tér in Eger, Hungary. Eger Castle is in the background.

Eger Hungary

Eger’s old town streets and beautiful buildings.

The town has a minaret that survives from the Turkish occupation. Kellie walked up first, while I stayed behind for photos. Then, she told me it was so narrow and short, there was no way I could walk up it. Boo!

Turk minaret Eger Hungary

With street signs pointing the way to other important sites.

In the old town, two boys came up to us politely offering samples of various types of strudel.  It was very good and they directed us into their parents’ unassuming strudel shop.  A small entry way, a long counter, a proud man serving wonderful freshly-made strudel at a very affordable price, and the mother in the background shredding cabbage (for the cabbage strudel).  Kellie ordered sour cherry and I ordered cinnamon apple. On the way out, I asked the boys if I could take a quick photo of them, and afterwards gave them a few coins for their hospitality.

Boys in Eger, Hungary. Homemade strudel retes

 Eger is the place visitors (to Hungary) go for wine tasting.  In the old town, many stores offer wine tasting.

Eger wine Egri Bikaver tasting Hungary

Some distinguished men wearing robes (or capes?) were standing around a table in the main square tasting wine.  They were also carrying staffs with ribbons. Hmm..

Wine tasting Eger Hungary

We walked through the residential part of the city to an area named “Valley of Beautiful Women” (Szépasszonyvölgy). It was a small horsehoe-shaped valley, maybe a quarter-mile deep of wine cellars. Each had a wine bar, some offered bottles, lots of musicians were out and about (and expecting tips). I recognized one of the wineries, which also had the highest rating of everyone there. We went down into a wine cellar area with big benches and list of all the wine and vintages they had to offer. I tried their Bull’s Blood and it was wonderful.  This was the first Bull’s Blood I have had that wasn’t disgusting, and it was everything I could have hoped for. I also tried one of their higher-end selections and it was great (Kellie liked their cappucinos, too).

If you visit this area, you will see many cellars offering plastic bottles… 1 quart bottles, gasoline bottles, etc.  This is because the wineries will sell you a sealed bottle, or they will dispense their house red or white wine straight from a cask or tank into whatever container you would like. And it’s very cheap. Before I left this cellar, they filled up my water bottle with the “bulk” Egri Bikaver for something like 50 cents a liter. I forgot to mention that as we arrived at this cellar the afore-mentioned dignitaries (i.e., men with capes) came in and sat next to us…and one came over and lit the candle on our table. Odd. Later, we visited a second cellar. It was fun to compare. I had a clear favorite.

Valley of Beautiful Women wine Eger Hungary

 And one final picture for the road. Eger, from the castle.

Eger Hungary castle


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