Long Weekend- 2nd Part KOŠICE, SLOVAKIA

That’s “ko-SHEET-tse” to you English-speakers!

To paraphrase the city’s Wikitravel.org page:

Serving its part as a center of what may best be described as a frontier of Slovakian hill country, Hungarian lowlands and Ukrainian/Russian/Soviet East. [Some] travellers may find the city suffers from what may best be described as a small man syndrome, a feeling shared by many locals probably best attributed to being the second city in Slovakia and a place not often visited from elsewhere. This may however help in engaging with many residents who may seem to be one of those lovely people who actually enjoy foreigners visiting their place. The city prides on being known as “The City of Peace”…It has been selected the “European Capital of Culture” for the year of 2013 (along with Marseille). Despite its relative remoteness, you may likely find Košice a hidden, unknown and approachable gem.

Slovakia map

Kosice is in the eastern part of Slovakia. You can also find Eger (our intermediate stop) in the Hungary portion.

And we only spent one day (2 nights) in this city. For our second full day in Slovakia, our group of five rented a car and drove northwest toward the countryside, the castles, the mountains, the national parks…in the direction of Poprad and Levoča on the map. I hope you enjoy the photos. It was difficult to choose so few to publish here:

Kosice, Slovakia coat of arms

Half-angel as shield-bearer, with Kosice’s coat of arms.

St. Elizabeth's Cathedral (Dóm sv.Alžbety)

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral (Dóm sv.Alžbety), Kosice.

St. Elizabeth's Cathedral (Dóm sv.Alžbety) Kosice Slovakia

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral (Dóm sv.Alžbety) from the outside.

Kellie in the tower

About to climb back down the northern tower of St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral.

Kosice Slovakia

Main Street (Hlavná ulica).

Kosice Slovakia

I’m not big into shopping on vacation, but I love going into local stores like this.

East Slovak Museum

On Display at the East Slovak Museum (formerly Upper-Hungarian Museum). I believe it is an old orthodox church.

Kosice Slovakia - Peace Marathon Memorial

The Memorial of the Peace Marathon commemorates the oldest marathon in Europe.

Spišský hrad - Spis Castle

Our group + Spis Castle. 1 hour north of Kosice.

Spišský hrad - Spis Castle

Spišský hrad (Spis Castle) Slovakia.

Spišský hrad - Spis Castle Tower

Climbing the Spis castle tower.

Spišský hrad - Spis Castle Slovakia

High wall of Spišský hrad (Spis Castle) Slovakia.

Levoča Slovakia town center

Levoča Slovakia. St. James Church and Levoča old town hall.

Slovak countryside with High Tatras mountains

Slovak countryside with High Tatras mountains.

Slovak Paradise National Park (Slovak: Národný park Slovenský raj)

Hiking in Slovenský raj National Park (“Slovak Paradise”).

Prielom Hornádu Slovensky raj National Park

Prielom Hornádu (Hornád Canyon Gorge) in Slovensky raj Park.


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