On vacations, working on the weekend, sports, weather, and playing games outdoors during English class

My parents visit, and our Spring Break begins in 7 days! I hope there is as little rain as possible.  No one wants to spend a vacation in the rain…especially if it stays in the 60s for the next week and doesn’t rain until they get here.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a workday. That’s about the stupidest thing ever! I assume the schools don’t put extra time into their calendars up front, in case something happens. It’s especially frustrating because nothing unexpected happened. It’s a make-up day for a holiday; you’d think there was a better solution.  Considering bus schedules and other similar services have a “working day” schedule, rather than just a weekday schedule, I doubt this arrangement is going away (dare I say: “getting fixed”) anytime soon. On top of that, my schools both have a minimum day schedule, but Kellie’s does not.

Exciting news in the sports world: Baseball starts in 5 days! And I consider myself fortunate to have ESPN 3 Access on my computer. Just in time for all of the college sports I love…volleyball, soccer, softball, and to prove it…here is a recent game from the women’s  basketball tournament. Ohio State…one of my favorites…you were eliminated too early!

NCAA basketball online

Finally.The weather is a bit warmer now. A few days this week have been around 70 degrees. I have taken some of my classes out to play Bananagrams or Balderdash in the sunshine. The stars have been out at night, and there have been some beautiful sunsets. This is from a few hours ago.

Hungary Sunset


One thought on “On vacations, working on the weekend, sports, weather, and playing games outdoors during English class

  1. The Saturday work/school day is quite a different thing, for sure! I read more about it on Kellie’s blog. It seems like it would be an interesting adjustment. Hopefully you won’t have to work too many more Saturdays this school year.
    Beautiful spring sunset photo, Bobby.

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