Blogs in Progress…please be patient!

This trip has been another good reminder that I am slow at producing blog posts when I want to include a lot of photos.  Each day of our vacation has been an active time, doing things…. even late at night going out with my camera and tripod. And that really leaves little time to actually create the blogs.  Last night, I didn’t go out…wait, yes I did. At sunset.  But by 10:30, I was done. Apparently, I saw at the computer and boastfully told Kellie,” I am going to work on blogs for four hours and catch up.”  I apparently fell asleep 10 minutes later.

I promise you, though, that the blog entries will be coming soon. And most importantly, I will number them somehow.  I will likely post more than one entry per day at least once in the next couple days. I hope to be caught up by the weekend!


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