Budapest to Munich – 1 april

Lakes District Austria

Out the window. Somewhere in the Lakes District of Austria.

The morning involved packing up and not doing much until we headed over to Keleti Station. This is one of Budapest’s main stations, and the one from which trains to Austria and Germany depart. The took the metro, using our group pass once again. A total of 50 metro/tram trips for 3100 forints.  Since there was some time before departure and we needed a bit more food, we stopped by McDonald’s.

We didn’t just settle for fast food; we did pop into the Spar (grpcery store) nearby for some snack foods and fruit to enjoy on the train. But at that moment…for lunch… it was a choice between McD’s, Burger King, and KFC.  I think we chose McD’s because they have a Starbucks-like actual coffee bar inside. They also have a grumpy, mumbling old lady guarding the bathroom. One example of grumpiness: she told Kellie it is not allowed to bring a toothbrush into the bathroom.

The train was the Eurocity higher speed train which went to Munich in about 7 hours, via Gyor, Vienna, Linz, and Salzburg. We paid for seat reservations, being a group of five. We received a table for four and a seat across the aisle. But since it’s easy to tell when (and for how long) each seat is reserved, we were able to move around and ultimately found a comfortable arrangement. On the trip my dad and I spent much time separately processing our photos.


on train

on train

I was in charge of reserving all of our lodging for the trip, and in Munich I chose the “Hotel 1st Creatif Elephant.” I can’t imagine the story behind that name, but it is close to the train station, is recommended by Lonely Planet, had good rates, and is kind of quirky. The older man who checked us in was very sweet and friendly; in contrast, the night person seems unhappy with life.

For dinner we wandered down toward the Marienplatz and found a beer hall. My dad and I both carried camera and tripod for late night shots in the dark. We were both excited about beer halls and before the trip, we checked out an awesome website rating all of the beer halls in the city. We all went to an Augustiner brewhouse for dinner. Afterwards a few minutes of picture-taking ended the night…The photos may have been snapped after midnight technically, but it still counts!

Glockenspiel Marienplatz Munich

Marienplatz, Munich


2 thoughts on “Budapest to Munich – 1 april

  1. So, did the grumpy bathroom-guarding lady give Kellie a reason WHY toothbrushes might not be allowed? Weird.
    Yay for pictures of your family! I don’t think I’ve seen them since your wedding (?really?), so it’s good to see them. I really liked your family, they are all great people.
    Pretty night shot. Again, the architecture is so pretty. I could stare at the details for a long time, I’m sure.

    • I have lots more photos, too…obviously. But I need to find a better way to post them all. I would use smugmug but it costs about $40 a year. I need to get more motivated about adding photos to my facebook album or my flickr account.

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