Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg AustriaWe passed through Salzburg yesterday on the train to Munich, and we were on the correct side of the train to get a picture-perfect view as we passed. Fortunately, we had planned to visit today. In this part of Germany, you can purchase what’s called the “Bayern Ticket” from train stations. For 29 euros, up to five people can travel together anywhere within Bavaria for one day, and Munich busses and metro are also included. Because of the promotional nature of this deal, Salzburg, Austria is also included. So it was off to visit the land of Mozart. This was definitely a town that deserves more time than we were able to give it. We didn’t visit the big, popular sights, nor did we pay for anything Mozart-related. But we had a full day of beauty and enjoyment. The photos will do the talking:

Salzburg Bakery

Mozart Statue Salzburg

Salzburg Austria


Salzburg Austria

Salzburg Austria

Salzburg Austria

Salzburg Austria

Salzburg Austria

Salzburg Austria


2 thoughts on “Salzburg, Austria

  1. Bayern Ticket! We have Bayern Brewery here in Missoula— the brewmaster is from somewhere in that neck of the Bavarian woods. Sorry, I kinda lit up a bit when I read that word. Connections!
    To what extent was the picture of you, your brother & Kellie photoshopped? Did you crop peoples’ heads off from other pictures? Were you actually not there with that lovely background? given the other pictures you posted, I’m pretty positive you were actually there. Just curious.
    The fountain picture is really cool. So are the others, of course, but I kept going back to that one & looking at it.

  2. Yes Bayern is the German word for Bavaria—I should say Bavaria is the English word for Bayern. Well, I used the same post-processing programs I usually use, but the group photo is not my normal style… I don’t know, let’s say it doesn’t meet my quality control standard. I fired about 15 shots, in brackets of 3, in that pose but this was the only one I could do with everyone’s eyes open, etc.

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