Scenes in Munich

While planning our recent trip to Bavaria, we told my family that we wanted to use Munich as a base, but didn’t particularly want to devote any travel days to the city. We had some day trips planned, specifically Salzburg (previous post) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (following post). We felt comfortable in the three or four days we spent in Munich a couple years ago. Though we didn’t focus on Munich this time, I must admit to do really like the city. There is something about it…that makes me feel it would be a wonderful place to actually live. Bike-friendly. Runner-friendly. Lots of beautiful parks. Lots of history, yet thoroughly modernized. I was even able to find a comfortable cafe serving excellent coffee, and I remember that being a distinct challenge a few years ago. FYI: Nespresso is NOT espresso.

So the following photos of our limited time in Munich come from just a few distinct experiences and I believe I was without Kellie at each of these times. So, she has quite different experiences of Munich.

My experiences:

1) Waking up early for an 80 minute run to, and through, Munich’s Englisher Garten (English Garden) at sunrise. I had my point-and-shoot camera with me on this run.

2) Several late night wanderings along the Marienplatz area. My dad and Steven were with me, and they had their cameras, too.

3) A late night hanging out at the Hauptbahnhof with my camera and tripod.

Englisher Garten Munich

Munich’s English Garden – Reflection at Sunrise

Rathaus Glockenspiel Marienplatz Munich

The Rathaus and Glockenspiel in Marienplatz

Ayingers Beerhall Pub Munich

Ayingers Pub in Munich

Munich Hauptbahnhof

Munich Hauptbahnhof at late night

Train arriving at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Train arriving at Munich Hauptbahnhof – an experimental shot


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