Excursion to Brno

This is where I talk about Brno, a large city in the Moravian part of Czech Republic. In fact, it is the ‘second city,’ behind Prague. And it is very close to Bratislava, our base. So we went for the day.

My thoughts are very simple and matter-of-fact: The city seemed nice, but I wasn’t there long enough to judge.

Since my Brno experience involved a holiday weekend, sometimes drizzling and windy, day trip, I didn’t get to experience much of what the city offers. There are a handful of tourist opportunities in Brno, several of them underground (tunnels, rooms, crypts, etc.). There are also churches. There’s a castle, and there are art and architecture. But I was rushed. I’ll leave you with just a couple pictures and the urging not to make any judgements based on my limited experience.

Brno Czech Republic

Brno Czech Republic


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