Exploring Göteborg… That’s Göteborg, Sweden!

A long holiday weekend…a willingness to travel…a few discount airlines to choose from. Sounds to me like it’s time to go to Bulgaria!

Gothenburg Sweden

This isn’t Bulgarian!

That was the plan until last month, when WizzAir changed its perfectly-timed schedule for flights to Bulgaria. So we recently decided to find somewhere else. We decided on Göteborg, which perfectly satisfies our desire to see Scandinavia! And since I signed up for the WizzAir Xclusive Club, we get very discounted rates. Truthfully, I believe our outgoing flights were actually free. It came to about $42 a person, roundtrip, with all of WizzAir’s silly fees and taxes included. Any of you who are reading this in Europe…you can pay $42 to go to Sweden! Stop saying “I wish I could do that.” To top things out, we had our first Couchsurfing experience. We stayed with a wonderful and friendly couple who are professional translators and live in a perfect part of the city. Lots of good conversation, sightseeing, advice, and overall a great start in the world of couchsurfing.

Göteborg is an exciting, vibrant, and beautiful city with lots to do, lots of places to wander, and lots of parks to relax in. Here are lots of pictures. Tomorrow, I will post photos from the art museum, our ferry ride and trip down the river, and our day trip to the Southern Archipelago, 

Gothenburg Sweden

Gothenburg Sweden Church

Gothenburg Sweden Church

Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan, a 17th-century fortress

Bike paths Gothenburg Sweden

Bike Paths

Raoul Wallenberg Monument Gothenburg Sweden

Raoul Wallenberg

Goteborgs Opera texture

Poseidon Gothenburg Sweden

Poseidon, looking down the Avenyn from Götaplatsen

Gothenburg Sweden Cortegen Parade

Cortegen 2012: A parade every May 1, by local high school students. Their floats recap the news from the last year. This float was Obama dealing with Bin Laden.


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