Göteborg – excursions

It’s time to recap the special excursions. You can think of this as things that were outside the city…outside of the standard walker-friendly downtown.  But then, I am also including the art museum. Why?

Göteborgs konstmuseet

Quiet stroll through the not-very-crowded (almost empty) onstmuseet Göteborg. Edvard Munch’s “Christian Gierloff. 1910” on the right.

Because Göteborg’s art museum is special!  Why? Because Sweden is like Switzerland in the sense that things belong to everyone…they trust you to protect it. The art museum is an example of this: they allow cameras and there were minimal security in the building. Guests have permission to take all the pictures they want inside the art museum, without fear.

Konstmuseet Göteborg

Konstmuseet Göteborg

I appreciate how this museum labels the pieces. The stenciling gives a very clean look.

Konstmuseet Göteborg Munch Vampire II

Munch – “Vampire II” from the “Frieze of Life” series, which includes “The Scream.” I love the vibrance of her hair.

Konstmuseet Göteborg Rembrandt

The only Rembrandt on display. It deserves special attention (?)

Konstmuseet Göteborg Kandinsky

Kandinsky’s “Watercolor with 7 Strokes” 1916

Picasso Gothenburg

Picasso’s “Tête de femme au chapeau” 1939

Konstmuseet Göteborg

The artist in shadows

Ferry Ride to Klippan

This is actually a historic part of the city, but we accessed it by taking a 30 minute commuter ferry (covered by the public transport pass) down the river.Gothenburg Ferry

Gothenburg Sweden river ferry

View from the River

Gothenburg Sweden

A coincidental use of the Swedish language.  Holy bat-logic!

Klippan Gothenburg Sweden

Klippan Gothenburg Sweden

Klippan Gothenburg Sweden

Ferry Ride to Klippan Southern Archipelago – ( Brännö and Galterö)

We took a tram to the end of the line and then a short ferry into the Southern Archipelago. We went to Brännö (800 people) which is described as “an important location for fairs in the Laxdaela saga, and it is also considered to be the likely location of Breca and the Brondings of the poems Widsith and Beowulf.” (Wikipedia) Then we crossed a new bridge over to an uninhabited island (actually there was one house for a shepherd) called Galterö:Branno Sweden Southern Archipelago

Branno Sweden Southern Archipelago

Measuring Hiking Path Distances

Branno Sweden Southern Archipelago

The Bridge

Branno Sweden Southern Archipelago

soggy ground, rocky path

Branno Galtero Sweden Southern Archipelago

We climbed the rocks and sat here for a picnic lunch


3 thoughts on “Göteborg – excursions

  1. I like the philosophy of the art museum, but it’s kind of ironic considering how Munch’s artwork is stolen rather frequently! Also interesting that you saw some Munch–The Scream just sold for $120 million. I know there are four, but it seems like a pity that it belongs to a private owner.

    Also, beautiful pictures!

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