Scenes from Fő utca, part 1

This is Fő utca. Literally ‘Main Street.’

Fő utca Kaposvar Hungary

Here are some of the businesses one passes by while wandering along this pedestrian-only road:

Golden Lion Pharmacy Kaposvar Hungary

Golden Lion Pharmacy (1774). The town’s first two-story building.

Csiky Gergely Színház

The ticket office for the famous Csiky Gergely Színház (theater)

clothing store Kaposvar Hungary

Womens’ and mens’ clothing

Ice Cream Kaposvar Hungary

My ice cream source

Pekseg Kaposvar Hungary

Pekseg – a bakery. But not for loaves of bread. For donuts, rolls, and what is probably best described as pastry snacks

You may have noticed large picture frames in the ticket office and bakery photos. Those are the class photos of this year’s graduating high school classes. I believe there are 6-8 secondary schools in this city and each has several graduating classes. Each group has a class photo located somewhere on this main street. You’ll see more in the next batch of photos.


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