Scenes from Fő utca, part 3

This will be the last post in this series for several days, maybe a week.  We are heading to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia for the long weekend. We are heading to Zagreb tonight, then picking up a car in the morning. So the next few days will hopefully present some beautiful photography opportunities.

Corso Restaurant Kaposvar Hungary

Corso Restaurant: One of the better restaurants in the city.

Fo utca Kaposvar Hungary

Toy store and museum Kaposvar Hungary

Toy Museum

bookstore Kaposvar Hungary


Csokonai Hotel Kaposvar Hungary

A historic, yet currently-vacant building

Csokonai Hotel Kaposvar Hungary

another view

bookstore Kaposvar Hungary

another bookstore

Clothing store Kaposvar Hungary

Typical clothing store. This is a “British/English” store. I’m not sure if these are secondhand or factory rejects, but clothing is priced by weight here. There are several of this type of store in Hungary.

Stuhmer Kavehaz Kaposvar Hungary

Stuhmer Cafe. A famous name and a historic building on the main street.


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