Slunj, Croatia

Slunj Croatia castle viewThis city is about an hour away from Zagreb, on the road toward Plitvice Lakes. We had no intention of going here…we didn’t know it existed. In fact, we first were attracted to the beauty of this setting as we drove along a curvy road, beside a steep canyon, and saw what looked like a fun rest stop down below. We considered stopping for a meal, but didn’t.

One day later, we looked at a brochure that was lying around, and we read about a historic  town with old cornmill houses: a neighborhood called Rastoke, Slunj. It was on our route back to Zagreb, and we decided to stop there. Turns out, it was the same place we noticed the day before. This little village has something like 20 cornmill houses and 34 waterfalls.

Rastoke Slunj Croatia corn mill house

Rastoke cornmill houses (18th c.)

Korana River Canyon Slunj Croatia

Korana River canyon

Korana River rafting Croatia

Korana River rafting croatia

Slunjčica waterfall Korana river Rastoke Slunj Croatia

where the Slunjčica flows into the Korana

Slunjčica waterfall Korana river Rastoke Slunj Croatia

same location, different view

We also noticed the ruins of a castle across the canyon, and it looked accessible from the road (we had a rental car). We found it very easily.

Slunj Castle Croatia

Slunj Castle. for defense against the Turks. (approx. 15th-17th c.)

Slunj Castle Croatia


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