Villányi – the best red wine in Hungary

The weekend’s plan: a trip to Villány, the small wine-producing area south of Pécs.

My verdict: so-so. I am glad I went, but was surprised that this tiny city was basically deserted. (And that is after reading on Tripadvisor about how touristy it is). Until our final stop, a well-known winery which attracts tour buses, I could count on one hand the number of other visitors I noticed all day. And the official tourist information office is open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday. What’s with that?

This city is best experienced, in my opinion, by car. In the same way Napa Valley or …any other wine area (besides Eger) is too expansive to be walker-friendly, Villány just wasn’t that exciting to me.  However, I do think it would have been exciting if I were in a car. Then, I could make specific stops to visit particular wineries, and then could easily drive to several other local cities which are supposedly worth a visit. These include Siklos (castle), Harkany (spa), and Mariagyud (church), and these are all within a short driving distance…maybe 20 minutes.  Actually there is an official biking route that connects these cities, and others. We wanted to rent bikes, and we read that one could find a bike to rent all throughout the city. Yet, not a bike was to be found. I was very disappointed with that.

Please read Kellie’s blog (link on right side) for more specific stories about some of the places we visited.

Villany wine street

historic street of wine cellars

Tiffán vineyard villany

Tiffán Cellars vineyard

Tiffán portugieser villany

drinking my Tiffán portugieser

Bock Pince Villany

one of the most expensive and prestigious cellars

Bock Pince Villany

Bock Pince Villany etterem

Kellie’s meal. Carpaccio and a salad.

Villany Hungary

tower located at the viewpoint overlooking the region.


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