End of the Year goings-on

No pictures today…just thoughts and info.

School ends next Friday, but the last day of academic classes is Tuesday.  So, really three days remain. In the last week, there have been a variety of activities going on. Throughout my spectrum of classes recently we have: 1) taken personality tests, 2) gone to the nearby park to discuss summer plans, 3) watched School of Rock, 4) played a team game which is a mix of Pictionary, Charades, and Taboo, 5) and learned about some US national parks.

It has sort of been different from class to class depending on length of class, weather (the park is nice when it is humid indoors), and English-language level.  Tomorrow my 12 classes get to snack on chocolate bars..my treat.

Now the other big news: Our washing machine broke.  Actually this ancient excuse for a washing machine started leaking on Sunday…during a load of clothes, water started spraying lightly out of the back.  But it isn’t worth getting fixed, so an urgent purchase was made.  We should have the new washer on Monday.  I was told it is very nice and especially because it has a “feature to wash sneakers.” I think I can fairly generalize that Hungarians do not use credit cards….purchases are cash, debit, or bank transfer.  So no washer on the day of purchase…my school can pick up the washer when the bank processes the transfer. Monday, that is.

Also, government complications prevented our paperwork for next year from being initiated. Not just us, but all of the teachers in our program.  Anyway, we need to start the process to renew our residency, but we will only be here for about 8 more days before returning to the US for the summer. I don’t think there will be a problem, but it is a bit stressful.  Certainly more stressful than it needed to be.



One thought on “End of the Year goings-on

  1. So by now you have that new washer, right? At least you get to use it for about a week before you leave, and you’ll have a nice new appliance when you return after your break to the U.S.!

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