Auschwitz I – Oświęcim, Poland

Auschwitz I buildingsPretty much everyone has heard of Auschwitz. If I were to write you a little intro telling you about it…well, it would go on for pages and pages. So I won’t do that, and I won’t give you the Wikipedia link. You can find it on your own.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, with just a little bit of commentary on my part. To start, I will say that I walked around the two of three Auschwitz camps which are open to the public. I wandered for about five and a half hours. At least four of those hours were outdoors, in the bright sun. It was a bright, cloudless, 85-90 degree day.

I’ll also say that, while there are some restaurants, vending machines, etc., they aren’t located in the most convenient spots. In fact, Auschwitz II is in an isolated area, and there are not food sources there.

In both places, eating inside the grounds is not allowed. Drinking is allowed, but in the warm weather, my large water bottle ran dry about halfway through.  I was really thirsty until I decided I was not in a setting to complain about being hungry and thirsty. My thirst went away.

Auschwitz sign arbeit macht frei

auschwitz respect sign

Auschwitz death strip

the death strip, so to speak

Auschwitz fence

Auschwitz building


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