Back in L.A.

I am back at my parents’ house near Los Angeles, for a couple weeks. Kellie was here for a week and, just yesterday, she and her brother (who flew down to be her driving buddy) drove up to Washington. It was a 18+ hour drive and they went straight through, arriving in the early morning.

Tomorrow, my brother and I are driving to Phoenix, Arizona for a couple days of brother time. The motivation for the trip is that the Dodgers are in town for a few games.  We used Stubhub to buy tickets for tomorrow night’s game and today my mom bought us seats for Friday’s game…right behind the Dodgers dugout! It will be awesome.

Below are some pictures taken in Hollywood. My dad and I went up to Griffith Park Observatory a few evenings ago.  It is a wonderful place, that I bet many people who live in LA don’t know about what they offer.  They have a few huge telescopes, a planetarium, and volunteers out on the lawn with smaller telescopes available for people to look through. If you have no idea where I am talking about, you might recognize it as the building where everyone ends up at the end of Rebel Without A Cause.  Here are some pictures:

Griffith Park Observatory Los Angeles

Griffith Park Observatory

downtown Los Angeles skyline night

downtown Los Angeles

downtown Los Angeles skyline night

again. The cluster of the lights toward the left is Dodger Stadium during a game.

downtown Los Angeles skyline night

downtown Los Angeles Hollywood skyline night

toward the ocean. The lights are around Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Notice the marine layer (fog) coming in off the ocean, compared to the photos of downtown.

Hollywood Boulevard Dark night billboards

If you are a fan of The Dark Knight. On Hollywood Blvd.


One thought on “Back in L.A.

  1. Not only am I a fan of The Dark Knight, I am also a fan of using headlights when it’s dark outside! (see that white Tacoma without its lights on?) Great night scenery pictures. I never visited Griffith Park, but remember hearing about it. Neat place!

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