Los Angeles vs. Phoenix – an easy choice

My brother and I drove from L.A. to Phoenix for a couple days, to watch the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks. We saw two games and the next post will feature photos we took from our amazing seats.

For now, thoughts about Phoenix, courtesy of this humble author:

1)  It was 110 degrees each day. I am used to this, because I have been to Arizona several times. This temperature is accompanied by very low humidity, a good thing because it sort of blows past you without really making you sweat.  This is good for the joints (of arthritis-sufferers, for example). But I still wonder, why oh why does anyone else choose to live here? Ugh!

2)  Phoenix is not a tourist destination, especially in the summer. I checked several travel sites and the most popular tourist activities included watching the Diamondbacks, watching the Suns, going to a Native American Art Museum, the local zoo and botanical gardens, and countless hiking, off-roading, hot-air ballooing, and similar outdoor opportunities. But can anyone stand to do those outside activities in the 100+ degree sun?

So, we went to the two baseball games, but the remaining hours of free time consisted of searching online for things to do, searching the local tourism guide for things to do, driving around the city looking for things to do, and a little bit of going into air-conditioned stores.  OK, we did get out at the local park and I hiked up a cool rock formation for about 15 minutes.

3) Here is a positive. Phoenix possibly has the nicest, friendliest, most polite residents of any city I can think of. Everywhere we went, it was like the residents had been trained to be nice to tourists. But seriously, store employees were not just friendly, but helpful, conversational, initiated conversations. Same thing for people we passed walking down the street. Same thing for people riding the light rail to the games with us.  Even with our Dodgers jerseys on, people were friendly, started conversations with us, asked about L.A., and seemed genuinely interested in not…keeping quietly to themselves. I certainly felt welcome to be there.

Here are some pictures from the journey. And from Phoenix.

interstate 10 quartzsite arizona

From the CA/AZ border looking east. The drive from LA to AZ is about 6 hours of this.

california arizona border

Phoenix arizona rocks Papago park

cool rock formation

Papago park phoenix arizona

example of a Phoenix park.

Phoenix park


papago park rocks

Joshua Tree National Park

off the entrance road to Joshua Tree National Park

do you see it?

it looks like this

palm springs windmill

outside Palm Springs

Palm Springs windmill

Admittedly, not the most exciting scenery.


One thought on “Los Angeles vs. Phoenix – an easy choice

  1. I had many of the same thoughts when we visited Phoenix last spring. The people seemed really friendly, it was really hot/ why would anyone want to live there? Also, we noticed that the downtown area (that we saw) was very clean. I’ve been told that we must have seen the really clean parts. How fun to see your Dodgers up close!

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