Chase Field, and how it compares to Dodger Stadium

A completely different experience from watching the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  At Dodger Stadium, watching baseball is a classic, traditional event that sometimes makes me think they haven’t changed anything in 50 years.

Dodger Stadium is not designed to be family-friendly. There are no mascot races, no girls dancing on the dugout roofs shooting t-shirts into the crowd, very few signs that a Dodger Game is a place to entertain your children.

Lots of children do go to Dodger Games with their families. But it is to watch the game, not to be continuously entertained and stimulated by all of the video boards, blaring pop music,  and arcade-type games.  These are all things I have seen at other stadiums, but they are noticeably absent in Los Angeles.   (note: The Los Angeles Angels do not play in Los Angeles).  In fact, the thing I probably notice most about Dodger Stadium is the silence. Located on a hill very close to downtown L.A., but facing away from downtown, toward the mountains, Dodger Stadium feels like it’s own world.  If you have a friend who believes baseball is too slow, this is not the place to convince your friend otherwise. Besides the cheering of fans, Dodger Stadium is notoriously absent of extraneous noise.  It’s quiet and peaceful until the P.A. announcer says something, there is some clapping, and besides cheering for what happens on the field, it’s quiet until the announcer speaks again.

It’s a very classic experience, unless you have small children who don’t appreciate baseball and get bored easily.

In contrast, Chase Field was loud, there was always some fan-friendly event, competition, or video happening during every dead time- between innings, etc. And let me say that after two consecutive games in Phoenix, I am so sick of country music and watching people dance to it on the video screen. I’m also sick of mascot races and cheerleading teenage girls dancing on the dugouts between innings.

But what a beautiful stadium! And so comfortable, given that it was 110 degrees outside.  It was also awesome that the seats are actually angled toward the infield, rather than what you would expect.  We sat behind the left field bullpen for the first game, and right behind the Dodgers dugout for the second.

Enjoy some photos:

the scoreboard has closed -captioning.

James Loney

Clayton Kershaw

The mascot, T. Baxter

this scoreboard makes the Dodger Stadium scoreboard an embarrassment


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