Day 2: The Golden Circle

Volcanoes, Geysers(including the original “geysir”) an enormous lake, and where the North American plate pulls apart from Europe. Enjoy.

Kerid volcano crater

Kerid volcano crater

iceland church

strokkur iceland geyser

Strokkur geyser…waiting

strokkur iceland geyser


strokkur iceland geyser

strokkur iceland geyser

from further away

geysir iceland geyser

the original “geysir”

hot springs iceland

a small thermal vent/ hot spring

iceland river

Thingvellir NP iceland plates

an actual crevice where the two tectonic plates are pulling apart


2 thoughts on “Day 2: The Golden Circle

  1. How big was the Kerid volano crater? It was hard to tell scale… how many football fields would fit in there? Your pictures of the people waiting around the geyser reminded me of Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Everyone, get your cameras ready! And then ooos and aaaahhhs as it erupts. And then the people spread out and go their separate ways as soon as it’s over. What an awesome powerful piece of nature to experience first-hand though. That’s crazy that the tectonic plates are pulling apart so far that you can actually see the split above ground. I always think of the plates under ground, causing earthquakes in California.

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