Aye, Greetings from Scotland!

This is the latter of 2 posts put on my blog tonight, so if you don’t know how many people live in Borgarnes, go down one entry to read the one you skipped.

1293.9! That is how many kilometers we drove around Iceland. I have the receipts for buying gas…perhaps I will find out my fuel economy if I have some spare time.  Wait,  who doesn’t have spare time on vacation?  We spent our last night in Iceland with a couchsurfer family near the airport. It was actually very convenient, but we also had a great time staying up late sharing favorite bands and singers with each other. And Kellie and I went to a recommended Thai restaurant.

We ended up not really sleeping this night. Well, me for about 1.5 hours and Kellie for 0. We had to get up at 4:30 for our 7:30 flight and we figured, “why bother?” The trip to the airport was smooth, dropping off the car was smooth. The rental car staff actually just had us move over and he dropped us off at the departures level on the airport in our rental car. The flight was quick and smooth…more of Icelandair. We left Iceland with exactly 11 cents worth of money we hadn’t spent. Now it is a souvenir. Two hour flight to Glasgow and here we are.

We actually got into the city around noon, watched a public demonstration of a bagpipe troop from New York, since the International Piping Championship is occurring in Glasgow this weekend. I recorded some video and will post it in the next day or two. Stay tuned!  Then we wandered for over two hours, going into several coffeeshops promising free wifi, only to find that our computers didn’t want to cooperate.  Eventually they did, but we had some coffee and lots of snacks and other drinks along the way.

At 6:30 we headed over to check in at our couchsurfing home for the next three nights.  We chatted a bit, got the tour of the place, and as we warned her previously, we wanted to head out to a pub to watch the womens football gold medal game between USA and Japan.  As we walked from subway to her place, we popped into the Partick Tavern, which had a sandwich board outside advertising that it was a good place for sports. We went in, found a very cheerful bubbly older man behind the counter, and he promised that he would put the game on the only working TV if we came back for it.  We did, and the game was already on. Two regulars were at the bar and I think we turned them into fans of the USA women’s team. It was delightful! I had a beer and a cider, we both has fish and chips (with your choice of baked beans or mushy peas), and we invited our host to join us, and treated her to a beer. Back at her place, we stayed up talking for a while about music!  It was time to have a restful night sleep, for the first time on this trip.

Preview of the next day’s post: I slept so well, and I don’t know about Kellie, but I have never woken up this late…not even close.


2 thoughts on “Aye, Greetings from Scotland!

  1. The experience at the pub while watching the gold medal game sounds like a great one. How neat that you and Kellie were able to share your love of the game with some locals.

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