More of Iceland

I tend to get behind on my blog when I am traveling. Again. It just turned past midnight into our sixth day abroad, and I see my most recent post is day 2.  Here is where I catch up:

On our third day in Iceland, we toured the Snaefelles Peninsula. We stayed the previous night with someone whom we found on couchsurfing. We had our own bedroom in a new, handmade beautiful home complete with its own water spring, a lake 50 meters away, and a view of Snaefellsjokull directly out the living room window. There is a picture of the home on Kellie’s blog.

If you think Snaefellsjokull sounds a bit familiar, it is the volcano which leads down in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  We headed out by 7am (so far without a full night of restful sleep…more on that in the next post) and did a loop on the very desolate road which circle the volcano. Our journey involves some nature, some tiny coastal villages, some driving on tiny gravel roads, and, of course, some intermittent rain.

snaefelles snaefellesjokull iceland

The volcano, behind the clouds

skardsvik iceland

Skardsvik (sandy beach). A small isolated beach surrounded by black lava.

skardsvik iceland

path from said lava parking lot to beach

hellnar iceland

The city of Hellnar dates as a fishing port back to 1560. Here is the in-disrepair (?) dock with some beautiful scenery around it. We enjoyed coffee and homemade carrot cake with fresh whipped cream at a small cafe at the dockside.

Hellnar arnarstapi iceland

snaefellsjokull iceland

clouds clearing

After we completed the loop we had to drive through the peninsula to get back out, then down to a larger city, Borgarnes (pop: 1763) where we went to a grocery store for lunch and used the free wifi outside the visitor center located inside the grocery store lobby. Then to an actual cool cafe/bakery where we had really good coffee.

snaefells ravine

snaefells ravine

Kellie, about to enter the ravine

We headed down to a fjord, Hvalfjörður, and drove along the north side of it, for dinner and sights before arriving at a new home for the night.

Hvalfjörður church

inside a church

The next day wasn’t as eventful, in terms of sites seen. We did drive east toward some sites, chose to drive on a bumpy, 10 mile gravel road because things were not labeled well, and we thought “why not?” and eventually made it to a beautiful place.

gravel road iceland

gravel road in the lava

hraunfossar iceland

Hraunfossar (lava waterfalls)

hraunfossar iceland

it really is going through, not over, the lava

…allowed to drive on whatever road it wants!


One thought on “More of Iceland

  1. What a beautiful coastal area, and the ravines too!
    Is that little red/burgundy car your rental car? It looks completely dwarfed by that huge (unnecessarily so?) van next to it.

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